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Cheers to online alcohol sales, which may soon be available

Plus, IT certifications and MacBook Air carrying cases

Mar. 7, 2008
Is the IT market returning to specialization?
IT World Canada
Jason W. Eckert examines the latest trends when it comes to certifications.

“Today we have far more technologies than ever before and I see some trends that suggest that the IT job market is starting to favour specialized skills over general ones. Firstly, the Microsoft certification tracks are now specialized. Instead of obtaining an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) after writing 7 exams, you simply write a single certification that tests your skill in a specialized subject to obtain a MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist).”

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MacBook Air: an ideal hybrid bag
ZD Net
For those of you wondering what sorts of carrying options are available for Apple’s MacBook Air, Jason D. O’Grady takes a look at one made by Waterfield Designs.

“(The) new HardCase for the MBA (US$229) is my new everyday bag for the MBA. It’s the perfect combination of sleeve case and full shoulder bag that fits the MBA snugly while providing almost an inch of padding on all sides.”

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Cheers: Amazon to enter wine business
Tech Crunch
Good news for wine lovers, Duncan Riley writes that according to FT.com, Amazon will soon be selling alcohol over the Internet.

“Online alcohol sales have been a difficult market in the United States due to the multitude of laws in relation to online alcohol sales in different states. The market though is somewhat easier to enter today than during the first web boom, with the US Supreme Court having ruled that state governments may not prohibit residents from ordering directly from out-of-state wineries in 2005.”

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