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Cisco partners with power vendor for smart building initiative


Power and cooling vendor Schneider Electric, formerly APC, is getting aggressive in the marketplace in terms of partnerships.

Just this week, the company based in France but with more than 20 offices in Canada, inked security pack with McAfee, now Intel Security. Today, they have forged a Canadian partnership with networking giant Cisco Systems Canada.

The announcement was made at the Earth Rangers Centre in the Kortright Centre in North Toronto. Earth Rangers is a centre brimming with sustainable technology from several vendors and the two organizations want to show their commitment to collaborating with each other on a sustainable future with smart building and smart communities.

In a blog post written by Rick Huijbregts, Cisco Canada’s vice president and GM of Smart + Connected Communities, the executive said: “The world will spend more money on energy in the next 40 years than it has in the previous 400. This massive increase in demand creates challenges with generation, distribution and CO2 emissions. In order to address this dilemma we need to eliminate waste and reduce demand, while managing to improve profitability and resource productivity.”

Huijbregts added that the partnership with Schneider Electric provides another step to further the possibilities made available by the Internet of Everything (IoE).

“The IoE plays a crucial role in sustainable technology and we want to ensure Canadian businesses are well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities it offers. Over the next few years, more and more items will be connected to the Internet that can have a tremendous impact on the environment: anything from refrigerators to cars to building heating systems,” he said.

Recently Cisco announced that the city of Toronto was selected as the site for Cisco Systems new global innovation centre. The facility is pegged to represent more than $100 million in investment for the region over the next 10 years and is aimed at fostering local innovation, while improving economic development specific to the massive Internet of Everything market opportunity.