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Cloud-based replication service for MSPs


A new partnership in the channel may lead to a new managed replication service for data centres.

Salt Lake City, Utah-based Voonami and Newark, Calif.-based Tegile Systems are teaming up to develop a managed replication service for protecting data with on-site-level application performance of replicated data.

Voonami, an outsourced data centre services provider, is planning to integrate its replication service into Tegile’s Zebi hybrid array. Tegile, a hybrid storage array vendor for virtualized servers and desktops, believes the market will no longer purchase replication or backup software outright and will instead order it in an as-a-service model.

Rob Commins, vice president of marketing, Tegile said the combination of Tegile’s technology and the data center resources of Voonami now make it possible to eliminate the cost and complexity barriers to outsourcing data protection projects to the cloud. Everything will be built in so customers replicate data over the cloud to a shared resource at Voonami.

Voonami president Ben Bush said that the out-of-the-box replication functionality enabling out of the box replication with Zebi array for a variety of use cases. The distributed replication service can be a pure offsite backup play or a disaster recovery play. People now have the ability to spin up virtual machines on replicated storage with the same performance as their primary storage.

Both companies claim that the Voonami-Tegile replication service is the first of its kind for a hybrid SSD array vendor with a Managed Service Provider and signals the strength that Tegile has established with service provider customers, who are adopting Tegile’s Zebi hybrid arrays for the transformational economics that make SSD performance affordable for outsourcing services