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Could Apple drop Intel as its chip partner?

CDN CURATED: A new report says the Mac maker is planning on ditching Intel

It was big news when Apple Inc. partnered with Intel Corp. about six years ago.

The Mac faithfull were up in arms over the arrangement calling the deal an attempt to enter the mainstream, if I recall.

In Canada, the Apple subsidiary was tight-lipped about the partnership and would not even comment on what everyone in the world already knew.

The partnership has been great for both Apple and Intel, but now comes word that Apple wants to move away from Intel to better distinguish itself from other vendors who use Intel chips and Windows 8.

I can’t see Apple going back to the IBM Power PC chip, but there is AMD waiting in the wings and I think they would jump at the chance.

AMD has been struggling lately and an infusion from Apple would mean wonders for the chip maker.

You can read the whole story here.