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Could Windows XP SP3 soon be on the horizon?

Plus, Yahoo's new look and Google's search feature

Mar. 26, 2008
Next Windows XP service pack may be only weeks away
IT World Canada
Shane Schick writes that according to TechARP.com, Microsoft will be releasing its Windows XP SP3 soon. In a comment, J Lee writes about the costs associated with Vista

“It makes no sense for companies to suddenly stop using XP (which is finally working great), and move to Vista (which is still brand new and has compatibility issues!). The move for any company (both users and software developers) would cost billions of dollars worldwide.”

What’s your opinion?

Yahoo moves logo around – – that’ll fend off Microsoft
Jordan Golson reports on Yahoo’s most recent logo move change on its site.

“Yahoo has redesigned its homepage slightly, shifting its logo from the left of the search box to a spot directly above. That central location is more traditional for the company, and emphasizes the streamlined, Google-like search box. The design does make it easier to search, but we don’t think it’ll make Steve Ballmer increase his bid.”

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Sites freak about a feature Google has had for years
Timothy Lee comments on Google’s search-within-a-search feature.

“Sites should take this (feature) as a wake-up call to improve the search functionality on their own sites. For a company whose business is increasingly centered on the Internet, having a decent search engine should be a high priority.”

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