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Dell details new features of its SonicWALL SMA 100 Series OS update


Dell Security has announced version 8.5 of its SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access 100 Series OS, with improvements to security, mobile access and role-based privileges.

Version 8.5 features policy-enforced SSL VPN management tools to allow authorized users and devices to access secure company data.

According to Dell, the update makes it easier for administrators to provision secure mobile access and role-based privileges so workers using smart phones, tablets or laptops both managed or unmanaged.

These include policy wizards for OWA, ActiveSync, Outlook Anywhere and Autodiscover, HTML5 enhancements for browser-based functionality, and Virtual Host Multicore Support for increased resource capacity.

“With this additional resource capacity, concurrent user maximum increases from 50 to 250.”

“To protect from threats and still enable access for remote and mobile workers, an organization must ensure that only authorized users and approved devices meeting security policy requirements are granted network and resource access, and company data on the device is secure,” the company said in a statement.

The SMA 100 series works with Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Linux, and Chrome devices, and even the Kindle Fire. Resources that can be accessed include shared folders, client-server applications, intranet sites, email, and remote and virtual desktop services.

This SMA 100 Series OS 8.5 upgrade will be available for download in July.