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Dell puts its eggs in the workforce/lifestyle basket

New desktops, laptops, a tablet and workstations coming soon

During a Webinar hosted by Dell Computer, (Nasdaq: DELL) executives unveiled new desktops, laptops, a tablet and workstation PCs to suit the changing needs of today’s evolving workforce and lifestyles.

Kirk Schell, executive director for Dell’s commercial client product group, said the new form factors and design improvements were made to the company’s Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision lines to better meet the needs of an evolving workforce.

“The workplace is changing,” Schell said. “Gartner says consumerization of IT will make the biggest impact on enterprise IT in the next decade. IDC says one-third of the world’s workforce will be mobile by 2013.”

Dell’s Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision solutions now provide users with a more “powerful, secure and manageable” offering, Schell said.

The entire Latitude E-Family of products have been refreshed to include more than 100 design improvements that were designed from the ground up, Schell said.

The Latitude E5420 and E5520 laptops target professional-user customers who are looking for a budget-friendly solution that addresses mobility and desk computing needs.

The Latitude E6220, E6320, E6420 and E6520 ATG rugged laptops are designed to work in the most demanding of conditions thanks to a magnesium box frame chassis design and highly durable displays, David Lord, the director of Dell’s commercial client product group said.

“The Latitude ATG systems work under any circumstances and come with an integrated removable port cover for dust control, a detachable handle for on-the-go dependability and ruggedized bedliner paint,” Lord said.

In an effort to make these laptops easier to manage within organizations, Lord said the Latitude’s 26 product models all share the same, one dock, battery and keyboard footprint, in addition to having a backlit keyboard option.

Dell’s OptiPlex products include the 990, 790 and 390 desktop models and are available in more chassis options and also feature new Intel vPro processor technology, in addition to new graphics and memory.

The Dell Precision workstations are designed for high performance use and are highly scalable. The Dell Precision T1600 is a single-socket, entry-level workstation that’s designed for both 2D and 3D applications.

To help meet security needs, the Dell business computing solutions also comes with Dell’s Data Protection Encryption software, which executives say is a flexible, manageable and auditable endpoint encryption solution that simplifies data protection.

The Dell Latitude E5000 series starts at US$859, the OptiPlex 390 starts at US$650 and the Precision T1600 workstation starts at a price of US$840. Canadian pricing and specific release dates for the products were not yet available at the time of writing. All executives could say were that more details are to come in the coming weeks.

During the Webinar, Lord also said the company will introduce a 10-inch Windows 7-compatible tablet later this year that targets business users.

The Windows tablet will be called the XT3.

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