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Dell’s four-year plan for the enterprise

Plus Symantec to split up? And, Apple's plan for Xserve

November 8, 2010
Symantec under pressure to split up?
Channel Register
Chris Mellor sheds some light on how Symantec’s been doing since its Veritas acquisition.

“Symantec faces being split up by activist investors, according to the New York Post. Symantec is viewed as still struggling to integrate its 2005, $10.5B Veritas acquisition, and it may be undervalued as a result, based upon estimates of what individual units could fetch if they were spun off. For example, Veritas might be sold – EMC might like to think about buying that, or the Norton Anti-Virus business could be put up for sale. The Post’s source says the dissident investors are touting possibilities to potential buyers and other shareholders.”

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Dell to double enterprise sales by 2014
The Register
Timothy Prickett Morgan writes about Dell’s four-year plan for the enterprise.

“Brian Gladden, Dell’s chief financial officer, was at Bloomberg‘s offices and said Dell was ‘going to be patient’ and do more deals and boost spending on research and development to double its enterprise business to hit $30bn in annual revenues in fiscal 2014. Dell is looking to spend money on storage and services, and Gladden said the company would even push up R&D spending on enterprise products and services to 10 per cent or more of revenues. That’s a huge increase for Dell, which is lucky to spend one per cent of revenues on R&D.”

Apple Abandons the Datacenter
ZD Net
David Chernicoff shares details about Apple’s plans for its Xserve solution.

“How much the world has changed in 8 years. With their subtle announcement that the Xserve was no more as of Jan. 31, 2011 (an availability statement on the Web site and a transition guide to move users to the mac Pro or Mac Mini), Apple removes any doubt that their focus, first and foremost, is on being a consumer products company. Not that there is anything wrong with that; they make wildly successful consumer products and playing to your strengths is always a good idea.”

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