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Do Cisco critics owe John Chambers an apology?

Plus, disappointing Xoom numbers and Intel's take on Apple's app strategy

July 29, 2011

Do Cisco critics owe John Chambers an apology?

The VAR Guy

The VAR Guy reports on Cisco’s recent troubles and whether it really was the CEO’s fault.

“In recent months, The VAR Guy and other critics have piled on… wondering if Chambers had lost his magic touch at Cisco. But now, thanks to a financial setback at Juniper, critics are calling a time out and taking a closer look at Cisco. Goldman Sachs and Sterne Agee now seem to be saying that Cisco remains the best-positioned networking company to ride a networking industry rebound (whenever that rebound actually arrives…).”

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Motorola ships only 440K XOOM tablets, promises to do better


James Kendrick reports on the disappointed tablet numbers.

“In a word, okay two words, poor execution. The XOOM launch fell short for a number of reasons, primarily Motorola’s fault but Google and Verizon have to claim some of the responsibility. Prior to the launch of the XOOM Motorola was yelling from the treetops that it would beat the iPad in a number of areas.”

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Intel: Apple has online app sales exactly backwards

The Register

Rik Myslewski looks at why Intel says Apple has it wrong.

“As might be expected, Intel prefers its app-store-in-a-box AppUp program, which allows world+dog to create their own app stores using its software tools, then let Intel handle all the messy details such as collecting payments and delivering the software to customers, all for a 70/30 revenue split.”

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