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Drew Carey’s thoughts on IBM’s service oriented architecture

Plus, Yahoo and Google and Gmail spamming

Apr. 10, 2008
Good old frugal IBM
IT World Canada
Sharky recaps IBM’s SOA event in Las Vegas, where Drew Carey was the Master of Ceremonies.

“Carey (had) some comments about service-oriented architecture – which was expected, given that ‘Smart SOA’ was the topic for the event. Like many people who have trouble understanding buzz phrases, Carey was baffled by the concept of SOA. ‘I don’t know what they’re selling,’ he said. ‘They explained it to me 10 times, but I don’t know what they’re talking about. I know it’s smart SOA, not the stupid SOA our competitors sell.’”

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Yahoo and Google in talks over search ads
Jordan Golson writes about Yahoo and Google’s discussions over search advertising.

“The talks, part of Yahoo’s search to find an alternative to Microsoft’s takeover bid, revolve around a short-term test that would embed Google ads around a ‘limited percentage’ of Yahoo’s search results. If it worked out well, a ‘broader search-ad outsourcing arrangement’ could be made.”

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Spam filtering services throttle Gmail to fight spammers
The Register
John Leyden comments on why some attackers are using Gmail for spamming purposes.

“Obtaining a working Gmail account has a number of advantages for spammers. As well as gaining access to Google’s services in general, spammers receive an address whose domain is highly unlikely to be blacklisted, helping them defeat one aspect of anti-spam defences. Gmail also has the benefit of being free to use.”

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