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DT Research rolls out continuous data access with cart computer for health care pros


DT Research rolled out a new medical-cart computer aimed at connecting health care professionals to the data they need to serve their patients.

The new DT590 All-in-One Medical-Cart Computers series is essentially a mobile computer on wheels (or workstation on wheels) that’s outfitted with a cordless, lightweight and anti-microbial system. The DT590 series features hot-swappable batteries for continuous computing and continuous access to data and applications.

“Doctors, nurses and health care professionals at hospitals, medical clinics, laboratories and retirement communities have been plagued by significant computer design deficiencies while trying to enter and access patient data at the point-of-care, which has been a gating factor for many care facilities to fully embrace Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems,” said Daw Tsai, president of DT Research, in a statement. “We studied the issues with COWs and WOWs — all were related to unreliable, heavy, and expensive power supplies. Our focus for the DT590 series was to address the power supply issues, while also improving upon key medical computer functionality.”

Depending on the model, the DT590 is equipped with a 19-, 22- or 24-inch display. Each unit also comes with an Intel 5th Generation Core i7, i3 or Celeron processor. What’s interesting is the medical-cart computer has three battery bays. Each battery can be swapped out for a fully-charged replacement without interrupting the unit’s ability to function. According to DT Research, the DT590 can run for up to 16 hours on its Lithium-ion batteries without the need to swap out batteries.

The DT590 is also outfitted with six USB ports, four legacy COM ports, two HDMI out ports supporting concurrent 4K resolution and RJ45 LAN connection. Customers have the choice between Windows 7 and Windows 10 for the operating system.

DT Research is taking the DT590 to market through its reseller channel. The company’s focus is on bringing vertical computing products to market. Besides mobile-cart computers, DT Research also designs and sells digital signage, embedded controllers, management software and rugged tablets (such as the recently-released DT301S and DT311H for military applications).