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DT Research unleashes military-grade 2-in-1 rugged tablets

DT Research's DT301S Ultra Rugged Tablet

Government-focused channel partners may want to familiarize themselves with the name DT Research, a provider of purpose-built vertical computing devices that recently released two series of 2-in-1 rugged tablets designed with military needs in mind.

The DT301S and DT311H 2-in-1 Ultra Rugged Tablets were, according to the company, designed to withstand extreme outdoor temperatures while also featuring customizable options based on the Windows 10 IoT operating system.

DT Research referred to the new devices in its announcement as lightweight tablets, but these aren’t your ordinary consumer or office-oriented tablets. The DT301S weighs in at 2.86 pounds, while the DT311H weighs 3.6 pounds. The devices are designed to be used without issue in harsh climates, but the vendor also noted they’re also suitable for indoor use.

The DT301S is outfitted with a 10.1-inch display with 1920 x 1200 resolution. Customers can choose between an Intel 6th Generation Core i5 or Core i7 processor with 4GB or 8GB of RAM. Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Windows 7 Professional are the two operating systems being made available for the tablet.

The DT311H is the DT301S’s bigger brother. It has a bigger screen (11.6 inches) and an option between 8GB and 16GB of RAM. The processor spec choices are the same.

Other options on both models include 3G WWAN or 4G LTE, a 2D barcode scanner, cameras (2MP front and 5MP back with an LED flash), NFC/RFID 13.56MHz reader, as well as wi-fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

“Mobile tablets are fast becoming the ‘go to’ computing device for the military and other field jobs,” said Daw Tsai, president of DT Research, in a statement. “But as the use of mobile tablets has risen, we saw that users need the flexibility to use tablets in a variety of settings. Our new 2-in-1 ultra-rugged tablets can dynamically adapt to indoor and outdoor use, while remaining light and durable with our signature fully-integrated design.”

DT Research isn’t a new name to vertical devices. The company has been serving vertical markets, including government/military and health care, for more than 20 years. The vendor sells tablets, medical-cart and all-in-one computers, embedded controllers, handheld systems and digital signage products through its network of channel partners.