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Due to high demand, here’s how to ensure you can get a Wii this Christmas

Plus, Vista's SP1 release and online passport scares

Dec. 7, 2007
Passport Canada lets all kind of personal data through
IT World Canada
Shane Schick sheds light on the important issue of online passport security, and in this case, the alarming instances of its insecurity.

“According to a story on CBC, Jamie Laning from Huntsville, Ont. realized that by playing around with the numbers at the end of the Passport Canada URLs he could see the personal information of other people using the system at that time.

Want to test Vista SP1? Anyone can, starting next week
ZD Net
Mary Jo Foley helps spread the news that beginning next week, Microsoft Vista SP1 RC will be available for download directly from Microsoft’s Web site.

“Vista SP1 includes security, performance and reliability updates. Microsoft is emphasizing that in spite of the security updates, Vista SP1 won’t break applications on anywhere near the scale that Windows XP Service Pack 2 did when it was released in 2004.”

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How to score a Wii this Christmas
Chris Kohler writes Nintendo expects it won’t be able to keep up with the demands for the Wii gaming system this holiday season. Here, he offers some smart shopping tips on how to make sure you don’t leave the store empty handed.

“The best time for Wii hunting is early Sunday mornings, because that’s when retailers like Best Buy and Wal-Mart release their weekly advertisements. And if they advertise Wii in the paper, they’ll hold some systems for the day the ad hits.”

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