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Ensuring a great start to 2006

Five essential questions to ask for improved sales for this year

It’s that time of the year again – New Year’s. Time to clean out last year’s planner and insert the new stuff. The bookstore at the mall is crowded with people buying yearly planners and the calendar rack at Staples Business Depot or Grand and Toy is picked clean.

I really like this time of year. The year 2005 is history and 2006 is filled with hope. The act of changing one’s planner is a psychological cleansing – a purging of the old to make way for the new. It’s refreshing. Everyone loves a fresh start.

Of course, the electronic data people (PDA-types) don’t get to experience this personal renaissance. Life in a personal digital assistant (PDA) is a continuum – a linear progression from one data point to the next. I’m a paper guy. Must be the writer in me. I would much rather scratch notes on a piece of paper than tap my way through life. Tapping is so impersonal. Everyone’s tapping sounds and looks like everyone else’s tapping. No one could imitate my scratch, not even the best forger. On the other hand, my tap is mundane and indistinguishable.

But New Year’s is more than just buying planner inserts; it’s about asking ourselves some sales planning questions. Questions like:

What is my central sales theme for the year?

When I look back on 2006, on what criteria will I gauge my success?

Which part of my territory needs more attention this year?

Am I selling across all of our product lines?

What are my self-development plans for this year?

For most salespeople the slates are now wiped clean. This is a profession of second chances and fresh starts. Your past is not your potential. You can make the most of 2006, if you start NOW!

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