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Entry-level storage solutions from HP target SMBs


LAS VEGAS – Hewlett-Packard Co. used its annual Global Partner Conference this week to launch new small and medium-sized business-focused (SMB) storage offerings it says will increase the addressable entry level market for its partners by 50 per cent.

Saying that SMBs with tight IT budgets have often had to compromise on performance and scalability in favour of affordability when it comes to storage, despite the need for shared storage to support priorities such as consolidation and virtualization, HP is seeking to address these pressures with its new HP MSA 1040 Storage system.

According to HP, the MSA 1040 lowers the entry-point for HP’s MSA family, allowing SMBs access to technology that allows then to reduce data centre footprint and energy costs, provide an easy upgrade path within the MSA family, and simplify management through one intuitive interface.

Calling the pricing aggressive, HP said partners can grow their total addressable market for entry-level storage from HP by 50 per cent. The HP MSA 1040 will be available in 1 GbE iSCSI, 8 Gb Fibre Channel and 10 GbE iSCSI beginning March 31, with dual-controller configurations starting at US$6,500, US$7,500 and US$8,500, respectively.

HP also announced enhancements to HP StoreEasy Storage, its entry-level NAS solution, that allow the monitoring capacity utilization, performance and system health from a single dashboard, provide an automated setup tool to accelerate network configuration and simplify installation, and improve performance with SMB protocol bandwidth management and Storage Quality of Service features to load-balance Windows Server with Hyper-V applications. It will be available April 7, starting at US$4,490.

Finally, in the backup, recovering and archiving space, HP has enhanced its HP StoreOnce 4500 Backup system with greater scalability, with a lower entry point and the option to expand the system up to 124 TB of usable capacity or nearly 2.5 petabytes of backup data, supporting any mix of 2TB and 4TB drive shelves and a maximum of three shelves. It will be available March 31, starting at US$70,000.