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Facebook friend or foe? New feature lets users decide

Plus, Mozilla's beta 2 release of Firefox 3 and your digital footprint

Dec. 20, 2007
Digital footprints are left in the enterprise, too
IT World Canada
Shane Schick writes about the notion of digital footprints and what they may mean for us.

“A very real issue we may one day face is whether it’s fair to judge someone’s work by their digital footprints – whether the offline contributions are getting short shrift compared to that which can be recorded and assessed.”

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Facebook lets you set friends apart from frenemies
Nicholas Carlson writes about Facebook’s latest feature.

“Facebook added a feature today which allows you to classify your friends. You know, one group is for the friends you like, another for the people you have to pretend to like.”

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Firefox 3 beta 2 arrives with more speed and fewer bugs
Scott Gilbertson outlines some improvements made to Mozilla’s second beta for Firefox 3.

“Improvements for beta 2 include a feature complete version of the new Download Manager with buttons to show files on your hard drive as well as a button to see where the files came from. The Location bar auto-complete feature has also been further refined and now works on page titles, addresses and tags, underlining the matching elements as you type.”

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