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Facebook now lets app developers see their spam

Plus, rumours surrounding the iPad 2 and Dropbox updates its terms

July 8, 2011

Facebook now lets app developers see their spam scores


Jason Kincaid reports on updates to the social networking giant’s app management.

“Now Facebook will only cut off the notification channel that’s producing the spam. And if an application is deemed to be spammy across multiple notification channels, Facebook is also introducing a new ‘disabled’ mode that will still give developers access to their applications, even though users won’t be able to use it.”

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Is Apple planning an HD version of the iPad 2?

The VAR Guy

Dave Courbanou writes on what the rumoured update would mean for the channel.

“For the channel (and for me personally), I think a double-resolution screen on the iPad would be incredible for a few reasons, but mainly I’m thinking about video collaboration and virtual desktops. Right now, running a virtual desktop on an iPad at a 1024×768 screen pretty much feels like 1999. Bump me up to 1280×800 and it’ll feel like I’m in this century.”

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Dropbox: new terms of service bring smiles


Michael Krigsman reports on improvements to the language of Dropbox’s terms.

“In a very smart move, Dropbox has changed the language of its terms of service to reflect the company’s stated hands-off policy on customers’ intellectual property rights.”

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