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Facebook users beware, creating a fake profile could lead to jail-time

Plus, the problem with mobility and the reason for Google's success

Feb. 26, 2008
Office attendance forms need an upgrade
IT World Canada
With constant and advancing technologies, Shane Schick explores some of the challenges that are created when things get too mobile.

“Businesses are requiring employees to do more work on the fly, to multi-task and to be more responsive to customer issues. That may mean more off-site work, more off-the-clock work, but also more work that needs to be logged. Beyond productivity concerns there is also the need for a trial (paper-based or otherwise) that details what’s happened over the course of the project.”

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Why does Google do so well? They’ve been at it a while
Hal Varian, a professor at UC Berkeley and also a chief economist at Google, provides some insight as to why Google has been so popular over the years.

“Google has been searching the web for nearly 10 years, which is far longer than our major competitors. It’s not surprising that we’ve learned a lot about how to do this well. We’re constantly experimenting with new algorithms.”

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Man gets 3 years in jail for fake Facebook profile
Mike Masnick reports on a man who has been sentenced to jail because he “stole” the identity of a Moroccan prince by creating a fake profile on Facebook.

“Given how common fake profiles of celebrities are on Facebook, it seems rather ridiculous to consider that being akin to identity fraud. Apparently, however, the judicial system in Morocco feels differently. The guy in question has now been sentenced to three years in jail…Fouad Mourtada, claims to be a fan of the prince who just saw the opportunity to have a bit of fun in setting up a profile for him.”

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