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FiberInspector Mini

Fluke Networks Canada announced the availability of a new miniature video microscope and fiber optic cleaning kits for improving performance and reliability of fiber optic links.Contamination and end-face damage of these links increases attenuation and reflectance, the company said, making proper cleaning techniques and safe end-face inspection critical.

The $1,195 FiberInspector Mini is a portable video microscope that lets users view both multimode and single-mode end-faces in detail. FiberInspector Mini completely protects the user from exposure to harmful laser light.

The $254 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit includes a Solvent Pen which uses a plastic-safe solvent with superior cleaning properties to isopropyl alcohol. Also included are Fiber Optic Cleaning Card and a Fiber Optic Cleaning Cube, both of which provide cleaning and wiping surfaces that are safe to fiber end-faces, and two sizes of fiber optic swabs for cleaning inside fiber ports.

The kit comes in a rugged carrying case. All items are also sold separately.

Contact: www.flukenetworks.ca