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Five ways to sell your enterprise online

Plus, PC sales forecasts and tips on creating social productsrnrn

November 30, 2010
Analyst cuts PC sales forecast, blames iPad
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Tony Smith shares Gartner’s forecast regarding PC sales.

“Gartner has pruned its forecast world personal computer sales growth this year and next, knocking nearly four percentage points off its 2010 prediction. The reason? The iPad. And, to be fair, other such media tablets, though the Apple offering has been the key seller in 2010. In September, Gartner forecast that 2010’s PC sales would be 17.9 per cent higher than they were in 2009. Now it reckons growth with be 14.3 per cent. Likewise, the year-on-year growth in 2011 will be 15.9 per cent, the researcher now reckons, down from an earlier forecast of 18.1 per cent.”

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The Seven Principles You Need to Know to Build a Great Social Product
Gina Bianchini shares seven tips to creating a successful social product.

“Design your product to matter in a world of infinite supply, be the best in the world at one thing, seek out uniqueness, focus on your most important interaction until you have it right, choose your words carefully, create a party, not a museum (and) develop relationships, not features.”

5 Ways to Sell Your Expertise Online
Josh Catone offers up some tips on how to better promote your enterprise business online.

“Newsletters – There’s a lot of value in being able to reach out to customers with news about your products or services, offer discounts and provide value-added content that keeps people interested. But have you considered offering a more premium, paid newsletter?, Consulting – The lessons and skills you’ve acquired over the course of building a successful business have immense value to your peers. People will pay for that knowledge if you offer it via a consulting service, E-books – E-books are old school and they take a little more upfront investment, but they’re potentially very lucrative, Webinars – Webinars might be the ultimate way to sell your expertise. By holding a paid webinar, you’re literally charging people to watch you talk about and demonstrate whatever it is that you have to share. Because you’re offering people access directly to you (the expert), webinars are worth the money to your peers and Online courses – If live events aren’t your cup of tea and static e-books don’t convey your message clearly enough, another way to sell your expertise is by offering an online course.”

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