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Follow Friday: Focus on security

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This week we turn our attention of information security and encryption and focus on three industry experts.

Paul Ducklin, is chief technology officer of security software company Sophos. Recently, his bog on the Sophos site Naked Security warned people of the existence of new ransomware targeting Android mobile devices by using a technique associated with the infamous Windows ransomware CryptoLocker. Ducklin says he “lives and breathes” computer security and he would be happy for you to do the same.


Claudiu Popa, is president and CEO of Informatica Corp. A 20-year veteran of the industry, Popa specializes in providing security best practice guidance to organization. He is the founder of the Heartbleed.ca Web site which advises Canadians on how to deal with the Heartbleed vulnerability that recently made international headlines. Popa is also a regular blogger for ITWorld Canada which is a sister publication of CDN.


Brad Haines, is director of Renderlab.net which he describes as “a physical lab setup for testing security and playing with technology.” Haines also does security consulting in various areas inclusding systems administration and wireless netowrks. He’s a regular speaker on the cybersecurity circuit including SecTor, one of Canada’s largest security conferences.