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Get ready to IM your friends with Facebook’s new service coming soon

Plus, compliance regulations and outer space versus cyber space

Mar. 19, 2008
Risks, regulations and a reality check
IT World Canada
Shane Schick, after attending a Microsoft roundtable discussion about compliance, offers his thoughts on what IT departments can do to ensure their due diligence is done.

“We avoid hitting people with our cars and driving away not simply because we would break the law, but because as a society we value life and we know it would be the wrong thing to do. Similarly, IT departments need to see regulations as a way of double-checking their already transparent information management strategy.”

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Facebook privacy controls, IM on the way
Larry Dignan sheds light on a new instant messaging service which will soon become available on Facebook.

“Facebook’s instant messaging service, dubbed Facebook Chat is a nice addition to Facebook and will give folks an excuse to stay on the site longer. It’ll be interesting to see how Facebook Chat impacts current IM clients out there. Facebook IM will be launched in about two weeks.”

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Kids more interested in Cyberspace and MySpace than Outspace?
Mike Masnick comments on NASA’s fears concerning why children seem to be losing interest in outer space.

“Apparently, NASA is getting worried that the kids these days aren’t interested in outer space, preferring to do their “travels” through cyberspace. That seems like a somewhat odd conclusion, as there doesn’t seem to be anything mutually exclusive about the two. Also, it’s not like you need every kid to be interested in going into space.”

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