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Going Green: all talk and no action?

Plus, more on the IT skills shortage and encryption key rights

Dec. 18, 2007
Skills shortage: it’s mind over matter
The Register
Phil Manchester addresses the issue of why there’s an IT skills shortage.

“The worry should therefore, not be that there is skills shortage – but that the next generation of workers is either not interested in IT as a career or simply does not have the basic skills to train for the job.”

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Your encryption key is protected by the Constitution?
Mike Masnick sheds light to the issue of encryption keys and the Constitution.

“In an interesting case up in Vermont, a federal judge has ruled that someone accused of a crime cannot be forced to reveal his or her encryption key, as it would be a violation of the Constitution’s 5th Amendment, saying that an individual cannot be forced to self-incriminate.”

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Green IT becoming more fashionable
Dan Farber reveals results from a recent Forrester survey titled, Green Progress in Enterprise IT.

“Given the increasing decibels of talk about global warming, performance per watt and the cost to power data centers…the survey points out a gap between awareness of environmental considerations and action–only 15 percent were actually implementing green IT practices.”

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