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Goodbye, fake Chinese Apple

Plus, Anonymous gets hacked and Apple enforces eReader rules

July 25, 2011

Goodbye, fake Chinese Apple stores


John Biggs reports on the investigation into one of China’s fake Apple resellers.

“Yu says Apple stores are woefully easy to copy, calling them on par with a school chemistry lab. We must also remember that except for the whole authorized reseller issue, it’s not completely illegal to have a nice, well-lit environment with lots of stuff for hipsters to do. If that were the case, Starbucks could sue almost every single modern coffee shop in Western Europe.”

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Anonymous hackers hacked by young Turks

The Register

John Leyden reports on the hackers becoming the hacked.

“The motives of the attack are not exactly clear but this may be a patriot-hacker response for Anonymous operations in Turkey earlier this summer, Gizmodo suspects. Developers behind AnonPlus had a few choice words for Turkish hackers dismissing them, among other things, as “snobby, arrogant, IGNORANT little fucking children” in a counter-rant.”

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Apple enforcing eReader restrictions, Google Books no longer available to iOS


James Kendrick writes on the tech giant’s new book rules going into effect.

“Booksellers were quick to point out that ebooks don’t have that kind of margin available to give to Apple, and that changes would have to be made to get around it. The companies behind eReader apps for the iPad and iPhone must have been told the new rules were finally to be enforced, and major changes were noticed this weekend by The Digital Reader that include the removal of Google Books from the iTunes App Store.”

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