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Google geeks need love too

Plus, VMware predicts the demise of Windows and Major League Baseball goes on the iWarpath

July 21, 2008
VMware exec says Windows days are numbered
Steven J. Vaugh-Nichols has a theory on VMware’s motivation for predicting the demise of the Windows OS within 10 years.

“Unless… VMware is hinting that it may be going into this appliance business. VMware as a platform vendor. That would be interesting. VMware does have a new CEO, Paul Maritz. After almost 15-years at Microsoft, where he oversaw perhaps Microsoft’s most significant operating systems roll outs, Windows 95 and NT, Maritz is used to thinking big.”

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Grabbing some love upstairs at Google
Melissa Gira Grant reports on a possible Google love connection in the making.

“’You asked if I was headed upstairs for a meeting and I said, not exactly. I am here for GoogleApps.’ Oh, Pink Scarf Girl. We want to find your Missed Connections “Moment” Man, too. White, male, 20s, dressed casual? Who could that be?”

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MLB Threatens Guy Who Made A Cool iPhone App For Baseball Fans
Mike Masnick is not impressed with the “thick-headed” nature of Major League Baseball.

“It’s really disappointing watching various sports leagues abuse intellectual property law over and over again. Perhaps the worst offender has been Major League Baseball. MLB wants people to think that it owns absolutely everything having to do with baseball, even though the courts have shot it down repeatedly.”

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