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Google teams with IBM

What is big blue up to and what is in Microsoft's HealthVault

Oct. 9, 2007
Microsoft launches HealthVault
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Todd Bishop supplements the Seattle P-I’s regular Microsoft coverage with this online journal.

”Microsoft launched a new initiative called HealthVault this morning, including a free online service that the company envisions consumers using to store and selectively share their health-care records with medical providers. The company says it wants to start eliminating the inefficiencies and complexities in current systems of medical record-keeping. Microsoft says the system will be secure and private, and it will let users choose how and with whom they share the information.”

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Analytics VAR please take note
Tech Target
SAP, the ERP market leader, is buying Business Objects, another European software power, for about 48 million Euros.

“The move by SAP, Waldorf, Germany, to buy Paris-based Business Objects typifies the increasing value of analytics and business intelligence to mainstream software companies. And it means that solution providers, many of whom have long touted BI talents as a major value-add, have to monitor what’s going on with their vendor partners’ BI strategies.”

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Google teams with IBM
Turbo Blog
Todd Watson is in his 15th year with IBM. He began his career working on two software magazines, for which he wrote on a variety of business technology topics before joining IBM’s Internet division in 1995.

” Google teamed up with IBM today in an initiative to promote new software development methods that will help students and researchers address the challenges of internet-scale applications in the future. “

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