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Google versus the human brain

Plus, USB key Survivor and Zoho's new online office suite

Dec. 13, 2007
PIN your data key
IT World Canada
Dave Webb comments on Survivor, Corsair’s latest USB key, complete with a numeric keypad for extra security.

“It’s easy to set up a PIN, and the key can be used in an “always unlocked” mode. Because there are only numbers on the keypad, you can’t use words as a memory aid. You’re on your own if you forget the PIN.”

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Who needs Powerpoint? Create your presentations online with Zoho Show 2.0
Scott Gilbertson weighs in on Zoho’s new online office suite, Zoho Show 2.0.

“Given the slew of new features and slick interface, it makes more sense to compare Zoho to Powerpoint than other online competitors like Google…Zoho Show comes out a ahead in many areas – version control, sharing, online collaboration and ability to embed finished slideshows on your website are all features you won’t find in most desktop applications.”

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Google’s PageRank works like our brains
Mike Masnick writes of the similarities between the human brain and Google’s PageRank.

“Google’s PageRank looks at “popularity,” not just in terms of how many links a site gets, but also in terms of how popular those links are…The brain does something similar in linking concepts, judging not just the popularity, but the popularity of the concepts linked to the concepts.”

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