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Google/Motorola suing Apple over patent infringement

CDN Curated: Google/Motorola take lawsuit to the International Trade Commission

On our next episode of as the lawsuit turns, we see Google and its acquired smartphone maker Motorola Mobility trying to sue the pants off of Apple.

I hope you did not miss last week’s episode where Apple and Samsung were suing each other. Poor step-cousin Research in Motion isn’t going to court these-days because no one cares.

So here is the story. Google and Motorola Mobility filed a lawsuit against Apple saying some iPhone features infringe on its patents.

The plot gets better. Google and Motorola filed the lawsuit with the International Trade Commission (ITC)and is demanding that the ITC ban all imports of the iPhone, iPad and Mac notebooks. Like that is going to happen.

This patent case is nothing more than a pre-empty strike by Google. It’s making a safe bet that Apple will haul them into court over some smartphone feature. So instead of being passive and letting the game come to them; Google/Motorola is on the offensive.

All these lawsuits are doing is making lawyers rich. This is all a ploy to stall momemtum from competitors. If you recall when RIM was on top the same thing happened to them.

This has become an old story and just like daytime soap operas the characters never change, only the plot twists.

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