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Hackerproof reseller incentive program

Internet security software vendor offering new tools for eMerchants

Jersey City, N.J.-based Comodo has introduced the HackerProof Reseller Incentive Program aimed at highlighting to its channel partners the value of HackerProof to online eMerchants and the new revenue opportunities this presents for resellers. This program offers qualifying resellers special channel pricing and a year of free HackerProof service as a way for partners to experience first hand the value of this innovative service. This HackerProof offer is part of Comodo`s partner program designed to provide partners with an extensive suite of solutions that online merchants require to create secure and trusted transactions.

According to a study conducted by Harris Polls in May of 2006, consumers continue to express concern over the trustworthiness of online sites with only five per cent of consumers reporting having “a great deal” of trust in eTailers. Over 50 per cent of consumers do not trust eTailers at all or trust them very little.

To address this growing trust gap, Comodo launched Comodo HackerProof, a new eMerchant service that drives visitor conversion by certifying that the site has been tested and meets Comodo`s stringent security standards.

Sites passing Comodo`s vulnerability scans and are certified to be free of security gaps can display the HackerProof trust mark, a highly valued trust mark recognized by over 100 million people who associate the Comodo brand with security. Additionally, the HackerProof trust mark incorporates patent-pending and proprietary technology to enable significant brand credibility because the site`s credentials are visible and verifiable throughout the customer`s interaction.

As proof of the Comodo brand`s ability to drive conversion, Comodo offers this advanced service for free until the eMerchant sees at least a five per cent increase in site conversion rates thus providing a compelling ROI (return on investment) and business case for this implementation of this solution.

The Comodo HackerProof Incentive Program is part of the Comodo channel partner program that delivers significant value to partners, including central management capabilities, zero integration reseller programs, white label solution options, and world class customer support.