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Has your Yahoo e-mail disappeared? Don’t worry. Yahoo will fix it “in a month or so”

Plus, iPods and unlimited music plans and a report from ScanSafe

Mar. 31, 2008
Yahoo unlimited mails fills up
Paul Adams looks at The Wall Street Journal’s coverage of disappearing e-mail in Yahoo mail.

“The Wall Street Journal’s tech blog reports trouble with Yahoo mail. Namely, it seems that keeping several years’ worth of e-mail in a Yahoo ‘unlimited’ inbox causes a nasty error and the vanishing of all that mail. Thanks to the Journal’s high profile, a fix is now expected in ‘a month or so.’”

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Why Steve Jobs wants to sell you a music subscription
Jordan Golson looks at how new Apple iPods may soon be bundled with unlimited music plans and what that means for business.

“Bundling music would give Apple a huge edge over the competition. Nokia’s also proposing an all-you-can-hear music plan. But for all of Nokia’s talk about cell phones replacing MP3 players, only 7 percent of cell-phone owners listen to music on their handsets. Amazon.com could try a subscription plan, but it’s hard to see how it would make money, since it doesn’t have the iPod’s hefty profit margins.”

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Poisoned websites staying contaminated longer
The Register
John Leyden looks at results gathered from a ScanSafe, a web security company’s latest annual report regarding infected Web sites.

“Compromised websites are staying infected longer. Some infected sites stay up and running for as long as two months, according to…ScanSafe. ScanSafe’s Annual Global Threat report (published on Monday) also revealed that web threats including viruses, Trojans, and password stealers are becoming more prevalent, with a 61 per cent increase in malware during the second half of 2007.”

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