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Hashtag Trending: Advancing women in tech; Uber’s self driving cars; Apple’s woozy emoji puzzles

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Move The Dial hosts inaugural global summit on women leadership in tech, Uber wants to test self-driving cars again, and what’s up with Apple’s woozy emoji?

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First up: This week marks the first ever #MoveTheDial global summit, dedicated to supporting the advancement of women in the tech industry. The conference will be held Wednesday with the aim of inspiring women and young girls to pursue careers in STEM. The Canada-based movement was started in Janruary of 2017 and since then has gained momentum with leading tech corporations across Canada and the U.S., and has led to an estimated 6,000 people directly joining the campaign. According to its website #movethedial has led to a 400 per cent increase in female founder nominations in Toronto for C100 which is a group of Canadian thought leaders based in San Francisco committed to accelerating the tech economy in Canada. Wednesday’s summit will host leaders in the industry as well as youth and share strategies, tools and ways to support and retain women in tech.

Next from Twitter: Uber is seeking permission to start testing its self driving cars again and its Toronto-based research lab may be playing a part. The share-economy driving app is seeking permission from the state of Pennsylvania to resume testing on public roads. This is just seven months after a fatal crash that involved a self-driving Uber car in Tempe, Arizona. Uber released a safety report to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Friday. Stating that it now has real-time third-party monitoring of backup safety drivers, sets limits on how long drivers can work in a day and has improved training. After the March crash, Uber announced that it was expanding its Toronto-based research lab that would help develop AI technology to improve the performance of the self-driving system. Time will tell if Uber will get its self-driving cars back on the road.

Finally from Google Trends: Apple released its newest set of emoji’s last week and one has users a little confused. The ‘Woozy Face’ emoji, which kind of looks like a mix between nauseous and drunk has people a little unsure about how to use it. It’s one of 158 new emojis that has been released for iPhones and iPads as part of the iOS 12.1 update. People quickly took to Twitter comparing it to a whole barrage of funny looking memes. Rumour has it the woozy emoji is most likely meant to represent a drunk face but I’m sure it can have all sort of meanings, feel free to comment on the HashtagTrending article or Tweet us @itwoldca on Twitter.