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Hashtag Trending – Alexa is creepy now; baseball on Facebook; nanotech vision

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People are waiting to see if Alexa’s laughing fits are really over, Facebook signs an exclusive deal to livestream 25 Major League Baseball games, and you can go ahead and throw your glasses out – nanotechnology is going to fix your eyes.

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The top trending video on Youtube this weekend, a compilation of Alexa randomly laughing. We told you about this on Friday, but the story of an omnipresent artificial intelligence that laughs at humanity really has some legs. We all agree this is really creepy, but Jimmy Kimmel probably captured it best with this bit on his late night talkshow:

Amazon says they’ve fixed the problem. But we’ll wait and see if Alexa can keep a straight face this week.

In less creepy news, Facebook has signed an exclusive livestreaming deal with Major League Baseball. U.S. viewers will be able to watch 25 weekday afternoon games this year. The broadcast recordings will also be available outside of the U.S. after the game’s conclusion. The exclusive aspect of the deal means that participating teams won’t be able to televise those games on regional sports networks. The deal comes at a time when people are cutting the cord, and professional sports leagues are looking for digital partners.

Popular on Reddit, eye drops that could replace your glasses. Israeli researchers say they’ve invented “nanodrops” that will correct your vision. The team plans to conduct human testing later this year. They say that it’s possible to use a smartphone app to measure a patient’s eye refraction. That sets up a laser pattern that’s projected onto the surface of the cornea. Then patients just have to use eye drops that contain special nanoparticles. The whole process can be done at home, without help of a doctor.

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