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Hashtag Trending – Android screens your calls; Airtame 2; Amazon’s sexist AI

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Google Assistant can now help you screen out calls from telemarketers. The new Airtame 2 is out to improve this wireless streaming solution. And Amazon scrapped an AI project becaust it was too sexist.

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Google’s new phone software aims to end telemarketer calls for good from technology

Trending on Google, could a new Android feature finally put an end to annoying telemarketer calls? “Call Screen” was the new feature unveiled yesterday at the #MadeByGoogle event in New York City. Here’s how it works: Google Assistant answers your phone for you and shows you a transcription of the call in real time. Here’s a clip of Google’s demo:


Sounds like I’ll be able to screen phone calls from my boss as well. I like it.


Trending on Product Hunt is Airtame 2. It’s a wireless screen sharing product for business. It connects any computer or mobile device to a screen or projector for presentations and collaboration. Plus, it can show digital signage when it’s not in use. We use the original Airtame in our office and I find it works fairly reliably. This new generation should be even better with upgraded specs. That product originally became famous because of its wildly successful Indiegogo campaign.

Trending on LinkedIn, Amazon has ditched an AI program to help its hiring process because it discriminated against women. Amazon is one of the largest employers in the U.S., so it’s no surprise it wanted an easier way to identity the right candidates. Unfortunately, since Amazon mostly receives applications from men, this algorithm learned that female candidates were less desirable. The scoring system literally penalized resumes containing the word “women’s” – as in “women’s rugby team captain.” Amazon first tried to correct the problem, but ended up ditching it last year without ever really using it for its desired goal. It just goes to show that rooting out bias in AI algorithms is going to be hard.