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Hashtag Trending – Diane Bryant departs Google Cloud; Uganda taxes social media; make Mac OS X great again

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Could Diane Bryant be throwing her hat in the ring for the CEO job at Intel? There’s a new daily tax for social media users… in Uganda. And a new product promises to make your Mac OS X great again.

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Trending on LinkedIn, Google Cloud’s chief operating officer Diane Bryant is leaving the Alphabet subsidiary. With little details around her departure, some are wondering if she might be angling for the top job at Intel. That vacancy was created just last month with the resignation of Brian Krzanich. Bryant joined Google while she was on leave from her role as the head of Intel’s data centre group and Intel has a track record of hiring insiders to become CEO.

Popular on Reddit, Uganda introduces a daily tax on social media. As reported by Time.com, the fee was the idea of Uganda’s leader, Yoweri Musevni. He didn’t like the online gossip he saw on sites like Facebook and urged his finance minister to raise money to “cope with the consequences.” Telecommunications service providers began charging the levy for access to websites including Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn on July 1st. As you might expect, citizens are outraged by the tax and view it as an attack on free speech. If you think five cents doesn’t sound so bad, consider that the average Ugandan makes an income of just a few hundred dollars a year.

Trending on Product Hunt is the application Make OS X Great Again. If you’re a Mac user but you get annoyed by the little quirks of macOS, this is for you. Do you hate how iTunes must open every time you plug in your iPhone for a charge? Do you want a way to minimize all the windows all you screen in one click? Or maybe you want a way to hide your desktop icons. Then this is the app for you. It allows you to tweak all these settings and more to your liking.