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Hashtag Trending – Google reveals new look for calendar, Trump blasts former council CEOs on Twitter

Google has revealed a new look for its calendar app, Samsung has released a snazzy new portable hard drive, and Donald Trump uses his favourite platform to curse the CEOs quitting his American Manufacturing Council.

Google itself has ranked highly on Google Trends since announcing an update for its desktop-based calendar app that will give it a cleaner look more in line with its Android counterpart. Google will be making the change by porting Calendar to Material Design, a language the company introduced to Android and Chrome in 2014 but has not yet added to the desktop versions of calendar and Gmail. The new calendar, which will feature new fonts, a hamburger menu, and its Android counterpart’s floating red action button at the bottom of the screen, is expected to be rolled out in the fourth quarter of this year.

Also on Google Trends: Samsung has released a new portable hard drive that is getting rave reviews from PC World, TechRadar, and the Verge, among others. Reviewers are praising the device, the Portable SSD T5, for its blazing speed – up to 540 megabytes per second; small size, comparable to a business card; and affordability, with the 250 gigabyte model currently on sale for $130 plus tax on Canada Computers.

Finally, Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to condemn the four CEOs and counting who have left his administration’s American Manufacturing Council in the wake of his reaction to Saturday’s white supremacist rally in Charlottetown, Virginia. Trump initially said that blame for the rally lay on “many sides,” before eventually denouncing the neo-Nazis who organized the rally as “criminals and thugs” two days later. It only took him hours, however, to curse the CEOs, led by Intel’s Brian Krzanich, who have left his council since Monday.

According to Trump’s Twitter feed, for every CEO that leaves the Manufacturing Council, he has many to take their place. No replacements have been announced so far.