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Hashtag Trending – Pakistani banks hacked; Microsoft uses Minecraft for a demo; Homemade flying car turns heads

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A new report says almost all Pakistani banks have been hacked, Microsoft uses Minecraft to demo its upcoming campus revamp, and a man’s homemade flying car turns heads.

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Trending on Reddit – Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency has discovered that data from almost all Pakistani banks was stolen in a recent security breach. DawnNewsTV reported that hackers based outside Pakistan had breached the security systems of several local banks and had stolen “large amounts of money from people’s accounts.” It isn’t certain when exactly the security breach took place. More than 100 cases are being investigated by the agency.

On Twitter – A video of an “Ultralight Aircraft” continues to gain views on Twitter. After six years of working on the small flying vehicle, a Filipino man recently conducted its first successful test flight. The video of his breakthrough test flight, which shows the vehicle fly 25 feet off the ground, has gained nearly 75 thousand views on Tech Insider’s Twitter page. The aircraft has 16 motors, 16 propellers, and 16 computers controlling them all.

And lastly, also trending Twitter – Employees of Microsoft can are using Minecraft to explore the company’s upcoming changes to its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. While the real 500 acre headquarters won’t be open until 2022, Blockworks, a company that specializes in building Minecraft versions of real-world projects, decided to create the virtual version at a hackathon event in July. Blockworks has also created virtual Minecraft versions of the Museum of London, Disney and Warner Bros. buildings. Anyone with the Minecraft: Education Edition can explore Microsoft’s new campus.