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HashTag Trending – WhatsApp loses another senior employee; YouTube kills annotations; hackers breach open-source software

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WhatsApp’s chief business officer steps down; YouTube is removing annotations for good; and a popular open-source software has been breached by hackers.

Pressure on Facebook’s recent data breaches continues to take its toll on its senior staff. Trending on LinkedIn, Neeraj Arora, WhatsApp’s chief business officer, stepped down from his position citing personal reasons yesterday. In a Facebook post, Arora announced that he wants to take some time to recharge and spend time with family. His leave follows the departure of WhatsApp’s CEO Jan Koum, who left WhatsApp in April after disagreements over Facebook’s use of personal data.

Trending on Google, YouTube will be removing the annotations feature from all videos starting January 15th, 2019. These translucent boxes are primitive ways of correcting errors in videos, but they are often more annoying than the mistakes themselves. Replacing it are cards and end screens, which also cover up part of the screen, but are far less glaring.

Trending on Reddit, a popular open-source library has been modified to steal bitcoins. Event-stream, a code library with two million downloads, was compromised by a malicious module. The module targeted a bitcoin wallet developed by Copay, who uses event-stream in its platform. The malicious module was promptly removed following its discovery, but Copay acknowledged that the infected version was released to users. To prevent potential loss, Copay urges users to create a new wallet for their bitcoins immediately.