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HashTag Trending – You’ll be interviewed by robots; Amazon helps control satellites; US army buys Hololens

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Organizations are automating phone interviews; Amazon launches AWS Ground Station; and US Army buys a ton of Microsoft Hololens.

It’s all the tech news that’s popular right now. Welcome to Hashtag Trending! It’s Friday, November 30th and I’m your host Tom Li.

If you dread phone interviews like me, maybe you’ll find relief in knowing that soon you’ll be speaking to a robot instead of a live person. Trending on LinkedIn, a growing number of employers are automating their initial phone screening process. The candidates will no longer be required to hold a conversation, but only answer questions prompted to them. The introverts may find comfort in avoiding a live conversation, while the extroverts may miss the opportunity to establish a good initial rapport. While the applicants may schedule the interviews at their leisure, they won’t be able to receive immediate feedback or ask questions.

At Amazon’s Re:Invent show, Amazon announced the AWS Ground Station satellite control stations for businesses large and small. In a blog post, Amazon points out that most business and researchers who own satellites must either build their own expensive control stations, or be locked into a lengthy contract with a third party. The AWS Ground Station uses a pay-as-you-go business model, and can be deployed on short notice to handle events and bad weather. Also, it’s apparently pretty cheap to launch satellites into orbit now, so maybe you’ll be listening to this podcast sent from space soon.

Trending on Reddit, militaries love cutting-edge technology. In a move to improve training, the US military shook hands with Microsoft and purchased 100,000 Hololens augmented-reality headsets for $480 million dollars. Twenty-five hundred headsets will be delivered within the first two years and will be used to “increase lethality by enhancing the ability to detect, decide, and engage before the enemy”.

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