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Have cell phones become status symbols with luxury brand names now behind them?

Plus, Microsoft and Xobni and why HD-DVD lost to Blu-ray

Mar. 3, 2008
Microsoft may buy email startup Xobni
Michael Arrington reports that Microsoft may soon acquire email company, Xobni.

“Microsoft has been in acquisition discussions with email startup Xobni , we’ve (TechCrunch) confirmed through multiple sources. The company, which launched at the TechCrunch40 conference last year, currently offers an outlook plugin for Windows users that significantly improves the desktop email experience (particularly search).”

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Samsung Armani mobile phone
The Register
Simon Lorne writes of the newest mobile phone trend, designer brands. Here, he looks at Samsung’s Armani SGH-P520 phone.

“Many buyers will pick this phone for the appeal of its prominent Armani logo, its clean lines and stylish yet subtle bronze-grey finish. After all, that’s what fashion’s all about. And there’s no mistaking the style element at play, from the luxury packaging to the leather case and cloth holders for accessories and handset. All branded, naturally.”

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HD DVD post-mortem: why did Toshiba fail?
ZD Net
Robin Harris offers possible reasons for Toshiba’s HD DVD loss to Blu-ray.

“With their earlier shipment and lower-cost products, Toshiba could have trounced Blu-ray by very aggressive pricing. By setting the price bar low enough they would have encouraged the early adopters and started building volume for retailers.”

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