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Here’s eight Windows 8 tablets to watch

CDN CURATED: Windows 8 is designed for tablets, and here's eight tablets that will take advantage

The clock is ticking-down to the launch of Microsoft Corp.‘s (NASDAQ: MSFT) new Windows 8 operating system, and in keeping with that theme Ian Paul of CIO.com has a look at eight tablets that will run the touch-optimized OS:

”Announcements and speculation about upcoming Windows 8 tablets are coming in fast. Lenovo recently announced the Windows 8-based ThinkPad Tablet 2, following companies such as Asus, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard and Samsung into the Windows 8 fray.”

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While the success of Windows 8 on the desktop, or at least the rate of adoption, remans an open question, it’s on the tablet that Windows 8 has its best chance of success, and it’s the user experience Microsoft has invested the most resources in. T

The best chance for success is likely with business users, who are used to using Windows on the desktop and may see the ability to access their Windows-based enterprise applications natively on a tablet as a compelling proposition. And it would certainly be easier for the IT department to support one OS across platforms.

Prying Apple’s iPads from the hands of enterprise users will be no easy task, however.