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Here’s what’s coming in VMware’s AirWatch 8.3 update


VMware has announced update 8.3 of its AirWatch enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform.

With the update comes support for VMware’s Workspace ONE app, which manages app access and reduces the need for passwords. The update also tries to bring transparency to privacy with visual notices, and will feature a redesigned AirWatch Content Locker.

The Workspace ONE app support along with tokenization-based single sign-on allows users to access a catalogue of applications across devices, including desktop, mobile and cloud applications.

The transparency piece falls under the AirWatch Privacy First Program, according to VMware, which will aim to address privacy concerns. A new website, WhatIsAirWatch.com, will try to convince users that their data, such as personal files, are protected and not visible to IT.

“To further promote user trust, especially for corporate owned devices, the AirWatch administrator console will now have a Privacy Officer role to delegate privacy policy management, and only the Privacy Offer will be able to edit privacy policies, adding another layer of security for end-users,” VMware said in a statement.

The redesign of Content Locker should improve on navigation, search and access to aggregated storage for AirWatch’s iOS users.

Meanwhile, 8.3 will introduce industry templates, conditional access to mobile apps and advanced device-to-datacentre security with deeper integration between AirWatch and VMware NSX network virtualization.

The new release is slated for release in Q1 2016.