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High tech hockey

Sling Media hits the ice and another way to watch YouTube

June 14, 2007
High tech hockey
Bit Player
In honour of Amaheim winning the Stanley Cup Jon Healey, who writes about Hollywood’s love hate relationship with technology, blogs about hockey’s latest high tech partnership.

“A deal announced today by Sling Media and the National Hockey League shows off not only an intriguing TV-PC convergence app, but also a content provider recognizing the opportunity to make it work for them. Sling Media is the company behind the Slingbox, a set-top box that lets people beam the cable or satellite TV channels they receive at home to their computer (think: laptop) via the Internet (e.g., to a hotel room or airport many miles from home). Under its deal with Sling, the NHL will be able to cash in on fans’ enthusiasm for sharing highlights from the games they watch, rather than trying to stop them from uploading those clips.”

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Church of England versus Sony
Daily Tech
Christopher “Master Kenobi” Jennings asks is there separation between Church and games?

”The Church of England says Sony did not seek permission to use the Manchester Cathedral in the game, and is demanding an apology and a large donation to be used in its work with young people.”

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A prettier way to watch YouTube
Tech Crunch
I want to personally thank Nick Gonzales for finding this Web site.

“So, iIf you want to create the “bikini” channel, all you have to do is search for “bikini” in the search bar and Chime will start playing through all the results. The player also has a friend feature for sharing your channels and vids with someone else.”

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