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Hitachi Data Systems enters the cloud computing space

Hitachi introduces its Agile Cloud solution portfolio for businesses

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has launched its Agile Cloud solution portfolio to enable businesses to adopt cloud computing technologies at their own pace.

The release of Agile Cloud marks HDS’ entrance into the cloud computing market space. Chris Willis, senior director of solutions consulting at HDS Canada, said that businesses of all sizes tend to adopt technology and especially, cloud computing infrastructures, at their own pace. Agile Cloud, he explained, is all about businesses adopting cloud computing solutions at a time that makes the most business sense for them. This can include public, private and hybrid cloud computing infrastructures, he added.

“That’s where the name (Agile Cloud) comes from,” he said. “Our solution gives users the ability to secure data, while still making sure it’s available to them. Reliability, replication and multi-tenancy features are also included with the solution.”

Barry Morrison, regional vice-president at HDS Canada, said resellers and service providers will see many opportunities to deliver Agile Cloud to their customers. Agile Cloud is designed to work in small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and can scale up to large enterprises, he added.

As part of the Agile Cloud solutions portfolio, Hitachi has a product called the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), which provides users with security, reliability and multi-tenancy capabilities for cloud-based infrastructures. HCP serves as one platform that works simultaneously in the enterprise and in the cloud, eliminating the need to purchase separate islands, Willis said.

The multi-tenancy nature of the product lets users segregate their data securely, and the platform works well with different use-case scenarios such as with archiving and consolidation processes, he added.

The pricing of HCP is determined by the number of nodes, Morrison said. To use HCP, there’s a minimum of two nodes, with a base starting price of US$20,000.

Morrison said Hitachi is hoping to grow its market share with Agile Cloud and wants to help partners further enhance their margin opportunities, which Morrison says are in the double digit range.

Partners can add even more value around consultation services, in addition to adding other services around the solution, Morrison said.

Currently, HDS has about 110 independent software vendors (ISVs) in its channel partner network, where about 70 per cent of business goes through partners.

“We have certifications and training available for partners and they can also leverage our co-op and MDF (marketing development funds) to help bring better value to their customers,” Morrison said.

“Our vision is to help enable and make the cloud a possibility for businesses,” Willis added. “Agile Cloud is about helping customers make the transition or evolution to cloud computing by offering a flexible and reliable solution that allows them to work at their own pace.”