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Home networks get a boost

IPhone hacker receives reward and why Canadians do music right

Aug. 30, 2007
Home networks get a boost
Bit Player
Jon Healey writes about the love hate relationship Hollywood has with high tech.

”The deal hastens the day that consumers are able to transfer cable programs over Ethernet or Wi-Fi networks. DTCP-IP is an anti-piracy technique that guards against unauthorized copying and preserves usage restrictions as data travels from one device to another (say, from a cable set-top box to a DVR, or from a DVR in one room to an HDTV in another).”

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<a href=http://www.dailytech.com/iPhone+Hacker+Rewarded+With+New+Car+3+New+iPhones/article8637.htm
Daily Tech
This fellow got a car and three iPhones.

“Teenage profits richly from his work by trading his hacked iPhone to a company for a new car and 3 new 8GB iPhones. George Hotz, a 17 year old from Glen Rock, New Jersey, hacked his way to internet fame and notoriety when he managed to unlock the iPhone via a mix of soldering and software.”

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Canada gets some praise
Tech Dirt
Canadians figure out how to properly release a CD.

”There’s a really simple strategy for bands who are worried about the “threat” of file sharing: embrace and add value. That means not freaking out about file sharing, recognizing it’s going to happen anyway… and then coming up with ways to add value so that fans will want to pay you anyway. Back in July, Canadian band Stars battled the digital leak of its latest album, In Our Bedroom after the War, by releasing the digital version of their album 3 months early, thereby giving their fans a legitimate path to obtain the already leaked album. Rather than fret about how this would “hurt” them, as the actual release date approaches on September 25th, the band decided to give their fans a reason to buy the physical CD — they’re including a limited edition DVD that chronicles the band’s tour. It’s fantastic to see glimmers of hope in the music industry — from Hip Hop Artists to Trent Reznor. Perhaps soon the music industry will wake up and embrace the changes that are happening to them. At least they’re trying now.”

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