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How 3D printing is changing the sports clothing industry – Tech in Sports Ep. 49

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All your latest sports tech news of the past week, including video replay at the World Cup, the Dallas Cowboys’ new sports therapy facility, a study on how social media divides sports fans, and more! Plus, we chat with Tricia Dugan, the vice president and head of immersive computing at HP, about how the company is helping manufacturers create customized 3D printed shoes.

Stories of the week:

  • VAR at the World Cup
  • Team England wearing high-tech heated pants at the World Cup
  • FIFA gave all 32 teams tablets to keep track of stats and analytics
  • Dallas Cowboys open a new sports therapy complex and community health facility in partnership with healthcare providers
  • A new study shows that social media divides sports fans instead of unifying them
  • Acer provides the Blue Jays Care Foundation charity with new laptops for students
  • New smart insoles for shoes
  • Christiano Ronaldo is high tech sleep company SleepScore Labs’ latest brand ambassador
  • NCAA settles a lawsuit with the family of a former University of Texas football player that accused the organization of being responsible for his brain injuries
  • Startup makes simple helmet sensors that could detect concussions without electronics

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