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How long could the economic recession last?

Plus, virtualization benefits and Lenovo's new dual-screen notebook unit

January 6, 2009
How Long Will the Greatest Depression Be?
Owen Thomas writes about today’s troubled economic times.

“The current economic contraction, which began a year ago, will be the longest on record since the Great Depression. The optimistic scenario, voiced in the New York Times, is that it will end by the middle of 2009, as the housing market recovers and the government pours money into public works. That will put the recession at 18 to 21 months. So could the recession last through 2010? Quite possibly.”

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Strategize 2009: Virtualization Continues to Lead
Network World
Matthew Nickasch writes about the business benefits of implementing a virtualization solution.

“Cost savings…with the economic struggle currently in place, squeezing every last bit of performance and utilization per compute cycle is incredibly important (and) security (because environments can be partitioned). Organizations that strategize around the technology, and the very ‘idea’ of consolidation and resource-maximization will not only see improvements in their bottom line, but from an ease-of-management perspective as well.”

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Lenovo Introduces New Dual-Screen Notebook, Slim Desktop
Priya Ganapati provides details about Lenovo’s recently announced ThinkPad w700ds dual-screen notebook, which will be showcased at this year’s CES event.

“Lenovo’s dual-screen notebook, the ThinkPad w700ds, will also be shown at CES. It’s the first dual-screen mobile workstation, says Craig Merrigan, vice-president of branding and strategy for Lenovo. The ThinkPad w700ds will have a 17-inch primary screen and a 10.6 inch secondary screen that slides out to the right. The dual-screen notebook, however, comes at a hefty weight and price. It will weigh about 11 pounds and retail for $3,600.”

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