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How MSPs can get more profits

N-able and NetEnrich team up to align sales and Marketing efforts

N-able Technologies and NetEnrich are working together in an attempt to make thing easier and more profitable to managed services providers.

The end goal of this partnership is to provide a path for managed service providers to offering low-end network operation centres and basic remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools, which provide very little margin. What the two company intend to do is to help managed services providers complete IT operations solution that will offer more dollars to MSPs.

Called Get More, this new business offering from the Ottawa-based N-able and the San Jose, Calif.-based NetEnrich includes a series of webinars and collaborative sales efforts that will help MSPs learn how to best automate and operationalize both simple and complex IT tasks while establishing a remote operations centre that scales and saves on costs and process.

As part of the Get More program, N-able and NetEnrich will also provide MSPs with new pricing methodologies to ease the pricing pressures many MSPs are facing today along with advancing their IT services business.

JP Jauvin, president and COO of N-able, said MSPs work hard to earn their customers’ trust and need the assurance of reliable, proven business partners who are widely recognized for helping MSPs grow their businesses faster, smarter and more profitably.

N-Able presented examples of MSP performance using the N-central product portfolio and the NetEnrich’s “closet to cloud” remote operations centre together. Those MSPs reported double-digit growth.

MSP J. Michael Drake, CEO of masterIT, an N-able and NetEnrich channel partner, said building and operating your own network operations centre and managed IT services dashboard is anything but easy and it’s certainly not cheap. That’s why we teamed with N-able and NetEnrich to accelerate our success. These two companies have become an integral part of masterIT’s signature service and act as a natural extension of our business.