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How tech plays a role in concussion prevention, diagnosis, & treatment – Tech in Sports Ep. 36

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The Tech in Sports crew explores all the latest sports tech news from the last week, including video replay at the FIFA World Cup, an amazing basketball-playing robot, March Madness social media trends, and more! Plus, we chat with concussion expert Dr. Michael Collins of UPMC, the official medical provider of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Stories of the week:

  • FIFA fully approves video review technology for the 2018 World Cup
  • World Cup referees will be wearing special smartwatches from Hublot
  • Japanese researchers develop CUE, a basketball-playing robot with a free throw accuracy of 100%
  • March Madness social media statistics and trends
  • A company that gives a dollar amount to an athlete’s brand value based on social media engagement
  • NHL general managers want the hockey operations department in Toronto to have the final say on controversial goalie interference decisions instead of on-ice referees
  • Madison Square Garden has reportedly implemented facial recognition technology for security
  • Minnesota Twins are official partners of BlastMotion and will use its technology for player development and scouting
  • The World Anti-Doping Agency is considering using artificial intelligence to catch athletes using performance-enhancing drugs
  • Both Nike and the NBA have partnered with mindfulness and meditation app Headspace
  • Researchers at Tufts University have developed a minuscule food and calorie-counting tracker that can stick to a tooth
  • Vancouver-based startup Pathonix has created a real-time metabolism tracker that is basically a real-life stamina bar
  • Texas-based virtual reality company The IMG Studio has created a VR game that puts players into a game of wheelchair basketball
  • Canadian courts won’t hear an ex-CFL player’s lawsuit regarding concussions and head trauma

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