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How theatres are bringing more fun to the movies

Plus, Apple and Samsung and using IM at work

July 7, 2008
The real secret of Steve Jobs’ success
Owen Thomas looks at where Apple may have gotten a lot of its success from.

“Everyone likes to talk up Apple’s innovative design. It’s a much more attractive story than the real reason why Apple has come to dominate first the MP3 player market, and soon, the smartphone market. Apple is buying 50 million 8-gigabyte memory chips from Samsung – the kind used in its entry-level iPhone 3G – and Samsung is cutting off other customers as a result of tight supplies.”

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Theatres working to make even the pre-show ads more entertaining
Mike Masnick writes about what some movie theatres are doing do help make their “pre-show” ads more interactive and entertaining for movie-goers.

Movie theatres are now experimenting with much more entertaining and interactive ‘pre-show’ advertising. They’re doing things like using motion sensors to have the audience ‘play’ a game as a group, or having them use their mobile phones to vote on certain questions on the screen and immediately showing the results.”

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Voicemail is just the tip of the iceberg – the real problem is telephones themselves
Network World
CurtMonash is all for an IM-oriented communication culture at the workplace.

“Every enterprise, of any size, should be IM-friendly. Police IMs if you must, if you fear the loss of anything from employee time to intellectual property. Even with that overhead, an IM-oriented communication culture can be terrifically advantageous — and that’s even before we consider the employees who grew up on IMs and text messaging, and insistent on using them in the workplace as a matter of course.”

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