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How VARs can make money from Linux and open source

Plus, beating the latest DNS flaw in 30 seconds and some steamy e-book links

July 31, 2008
Romancing the screen
IT World Canada
Sharky is waiting until the right time to follow the steamy e-book links from romance publisher Harlequin.

“The company says the interactive buttons “enhance the reading experience” and bring “the world of the novel to life without the reader having to leave the computer.” With these advances in technology, you can experience romance without the requirement of archaic, 20th-century items, such as an actual partner.”

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Protect yourself against poison DNS attacks in 30 seconds
Preston Gralla has a quick fix for the latest DNS flaw.

“A newly found flaw in the Domain Name System may leave millions of people vulnerable to poison DNS attacks. But there’s a free, easy way to make yourself invulnerable, and it’ll take you all of about 30 seconds.”

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Eight Ways VARs Can Profit from Linux and Open Source
The VAR Guy
Who says VARs can’t make money on open source? Not the VAR Guy.

“During a meeting earlier this week in New Orleans, a solution provider told The VAR Guy he just didn’t understand how to profit from open source. Didn’t we put this issue to rest a long ago? Perhaps not. Here are eight ways VARs can profit from Linux and Open Source.”

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